Wilds of Eldraine: Preconstructed vs. Custom EDH Deck Gameplay! Part 1

Wilds of Eldraine: Preconstructed vs. Custom EDH Deck Gameplay! Part 1


In our latest video, we delve into a captivating gameplay session, pitting a Preconstructed deck against a meticulously crafted Custom EDH deck. Both decks, while operating within the enchanting world of Eldraine, showcase their unique strategies, card synergies, and gameplay dynamics, providing both novice and seasoned MTG players valuable insights into deck-building and in-game tactics.

The host Mr. Basic Land Earn showcases a battle between Pre-constructed Wilds of Eldraine vs Custom ones that Jonas and Rico made for this video. Check out the video for strategies, and surprises each decks has to offer!



Key Highlights from the Gameplay

  • Early game: A comprehensive overview of both the Precon decks and Custom EDH decks, exploring their key cards, strategies, and potential combos executed in the game.

  • Strategic Gameplay: Each deck unveils its strategies, shows counters, and surprise elements from the custom decks of Jonas and Rico, providing viewers with a thrilling MTG experience.

  • Critical Turning Points: We highlight pivotal moments the combo of Exquisite blood and Sanguine Bond executed by Jonas in the final minutes of the game.

  • Deck Analysis: Post-game analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, and potential modifications for each deck, aimed at enhancing strategic gameplay and deck-building skills.


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