MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Anticipated Cards that are Most Valuable

MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Anticipated Cards that are Most Valuable

The anticipation around valuable cards in this set revolves largely around their  "The Big Score" subset, which includes Standard-legal cards with potentially high value due to their showcase treatment, and rarity.

The reprint of "Sword of Wealth and Power" is highlighted as a standout, available in both nonfoil and raised foil versions, suggesting it could be a key collector's interest​ ( according to Draftsim)​​. 


Sleeper Cards That Could Increase in Value

The set's inclusion of various unique treatments, such as wanted poster treatments for characters like Oko, and Tinybones, indicates potential sleeper hits among these visually distinctive cards.



Their uniqueness and collectibility could drive up value as players and collectors seek to complete their sets or add distinctive pieces to their collections.


MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Reprints

In the new setm it introduces a notable reprint - Terror of the Peaks, a dragon from Core Set 2021, is back with an iconic reprint and highly regarded as the top expensive card  due to its popularity in Commander (EDH).  

The set also introduces reprints with special treatments, such as "Thoughtseize" and "Crime // Punishment," which are available in the Breaking News bonus sheet found in Play Boosters and Collector Boosters.


Our Thoughts

Overall, the "Outlaws of Thunder Junction" will be an exciting set that is rich with a new backstory, special reprints, fan-favorite characters - making it tempting for us to playtest with a proxy and see if it would fit in our decks. 



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