5 Popular AI-Generated Art Tools that We Found on the Web so far

5 Popular AI-Generated Art Tools that We Found on the Web so far

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all industries, even creative enterprises. For example, this technology is helping artists discover unexplored territories to create art, which they can quickly transform into NFTs. 


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AI-generated art tools are software that employs artificial intelligence to develop terrific artwork from your inspiration. AI artwork is intuitive, allowing you to create the most realistic and exciting image. So, if you're wondering how to make AI art, keep reading to discover the five leading AI-generated tools we use. 


1. Jasper Art 

Jasper ai art example by rulluma emporium news


The creators of the Jasper AI platform also have an image generator component called Jasper Art which helps users convert text input into images. Some experts say it is a must-try tool for generating one-of-a-kind digital art based on your imagination. The image can also be a great stock photo alternative. 

Jasper Art also provides different styles that help you uncover the best inspirational graphic for your collection or blog post. However, even though the tool is easy to use, you must be wise in designing your prompts to create something worthwhile. 

Payment terms:  Offers a free trial by clicking here.


2. Midjourney 

midjourney ai by rulluma emporium blog


Midjourney, a mainstream AI art generator tool, is a Tiktok favorite that gives awe-inspiring speech-to-image graphics based on your query prompting. Unfortunately, the AI bot only works on the Discord server, where the images are mostly generated. 

Join the server to get started and write your text prompts with a quick prefix. You'll get your picture almost immediately as it gets done right before your eyes. 

The images are very realistic, accurate, and beautiful. Moreover, they offer different modes to improve the appearance or redraw the art without confusion. 

Payment terms: You'll get the first 25 images for free; afterward, you must pay $10 for 200 shots. 


3. Canva AI (BETA) 

 Canva ai generator by Rulluma Emporium


Canva is one of the most well-known online image editing applications and has now launched a new feature to design AI images. 

The best thing about Canva is that you can edit within the app once you create an AI image. With Canva AI, you can create different art styles by changing image sizes and resolutions. In addition, you can save the AI images in several file formats. 

Payment terms: Canva AI (BETA) offers a free plan which you can upgrade to get more features. 


4. NightCafe 

 Nightcafe by Rulluma Emporium


NightCafe is an excellent AI-generated art tool known for its multiple algorithms and options. It's beginner-friendly but has a lot to offer for advanced users. 

One feature that makes NightCafe unique is its supporting and enthusiastic community, where you can earn credits by participating. In addition, with NightCafe, you can create images and videos. 

The tool also helps you organize your designs into collections and allows you to bulk-download all your work. 

We also tried this tool and did a YouTube series demo for our Rulluma Arts Section. Check out the video and let us know what you guys think. 



Payment terms: NightCafe offers a free level and options to earn or buy credits. 



5. Wombo Dream 


 Wombo AI Art by Rulluma Emporium


Wombo is the developer of Dream, a terrific AI Art Generator that allows you to design art on your computer, phone, or tablet. 

What we like most about Wombo are its advanced algorithms that figure out your text ideas to generate exclusive artwork. 

This AI-generated art generator app allows you to recreate your artwork with NFT, modify your picture into a cartoon, and share it on your favorite social media platforms. 


Payment terms: Wombo is free to use but restricted to some countries. 


These are the five leading AI-generated art tools; we hope you find the one that best suits your needs. Remember, AI art is getting better, so expect a lot of improvements in the future.

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