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Gengar V2 Tough Phone Cases - Pokémon Collection

Gengar V2 Tough Phone Cases - Pokémon Collection

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Design Explained:

The design was inspired after an artist had to draw just one famous psychic Pokemon. He thought of Gengar right away because of its big smiling face and evil glare. Because Gengar has always been a must for building his Pokémon lineups when battling gym leaders and wild Pokémon. You could buy a new phone case and then give it to someone else who likes gengar if you want to make a statement. It meets all the requirements you've been looking for.

Compare the difference vs our Impact-Resistant Version.

Custom Phone Case Features:

  • Durable polycarbonate outer shell
  • 2-piece design with impact resistance and shock dispersion
  • Interior rubber liner for extra protection
  • Supports wireless charging


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