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Gengar Slim iPhone Case - Pokémon Collection

Gengar Slim iPhone Case - Pokémon Collection

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Design Explained

Pokémon Gengar is a starter from generation one. It first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. It is a Poison/Dark type. Gengar is genderless because he's a ghost.

A brief explanation of its appearance would be that it resembles Charizard quite a bit, however instead of having a head fashioned like a dragon, it has three large eyes that are referred to as "fangs." Two spikes protrude from the top of its back near its tail. These spikes behave like poison needles, poisoning anything that comes in contact with them.

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Custom Case Feature

  • Super slim design and glossy premium finish
  • Durable and impact resistant material
  • Silicone rubber inside plate
  • Supports wireless charging


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